Rhyscitlema Calculator

Rhyscitlema Calculator is an application to evaluate expressions expressed in the Rhyscitlema Function Expression Text (RFET) language. RFET enables the representation of mathematical expressions in plain text in simple and effective ways. Instead of only thinking of a single-value, vector or matrix, the fully general value-structure is used: an example is (1,(2,3,4),5). RFET enables evaluating simple expressions such as 1+1, to evaluating advanced expressions such as 2*f(3); f(x)=4x, to evaluating highly complex expressions in an Object-Oriented Programming model (using inheritance and encapsulation).

This software is at the core of the Graph Plotter 3D software. The text parsing method is based on the expression parsing algorithm.

Please refer to User Guide for Rhyscitlema Calculator.pdf [22 July 2018 for v1.2.4]

Use online (recommended) [v1.2.4]

For external usage with say (1+1), get the proper URL as shown below:

Use the Get As URL button above. This will first encode the given RFET before adding it to the URL. For example in the two links above the (1+1) is first encoded to (1%2B1).

To encourage improvement please consider donating at https://www.rhyscitlema.com/donate.

Download on Android [v1.2]

Rhyscitlema Calculator on Android.

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