Computer Applications

Rhyscitlema Graph Plotter 3D

An application to draw any graph in a 3D virtual space, and with everything fully defined in text. A graph is a 3D object having a position in space and a direction of orientation. It is viewed through a virtual camera which is yet another object in space. An object is fully defined in a single block of text, using variables and functions defined in the Rhyscitlema Function Expression Text (RFET) language. Multiple objects can be defined collectively, in a block of text called Rhyscitlema Objects Definition Text (RODT). The text parsing method is based on the expression parsing algorithm. Developed in April 2013 - last major improvement in April 2017.

Rhyscitlema Calculator

An application to evaluate expressions expressed in the Rhyscitlema Function Expression Text (RFET) language. RFET enables the representation of mathematical expressions in plain text in simple and effective ways. Instead of only thinking of a single-value, vector or matrix, the fully general value-structure is used: an example is (1,(2,3,4),5). RFET enables evaluating simple expressions such as 1+1, to evaluating advanced expressions such as 2*f(3); f(x)=4x, to evaluating highly complex expressions in an Object-Oriented Programming model (using inheritance and encapsulation). Developed in April 2014 - last major improvement in April 2017.

Applications source codes at

Rhyscitlema system software

Rhyscitlema Graph Plotter 3D is also available as a basic simple system software. The portion of it which is closely related to hardware, which is the kernel, is written mainly in C programming language but with some Assembly language. This portion is well abstracted from the portion related to the actual user-application, such that the exact same user-application source code, as used in other platforms (Windows, Linux, Android) is used. Here the hardware abstraction and the kernel source code are provided. Developed in December 2012 - last major improvement in April 2014.

Rhyscitlema system disyware

The Rhyscitlema computer application shall mainly be available as a system disyware. This was originally started as the prototype deliverable of a final year project, and is expected to reach a release ready for end-user usage by December 2018. It is written entirely in the Verilog HDL (Hardware Description Language). That is all the algorithms constituting the computer disyware application are written as hardware descriptions in scratch Verilog HDL. Here the hardware abstraction and the kernel source code are provided. Developed in October 2015.

Java Applications

Software written in the Java programming language. They are to be downloaded and ran on the computer.

Android Applications

Basic android apps developed for the purpose of having working pieces of codes for particular functionalities. For example an app to receive user touch input. They are provided such that you just have to copy-and-paste already written code. You are to first successfully copy, paste, build and run the app before doing anything else.

Secure Communication

The aim is for two parties, A and B, to establish a secure communication by encrypting messages sent to each other, so that no third party, C, will be able to know what information was communicated. Also A can be B, in which case the message is not sent but is stored. Furthermore the sender can sign the message so that the receiver will verify its integrity.