Rhyscitlema system software

Rhyscitlema Graph Plotter 3D is also available as a basic simple system software. The portion of it which is closely related to hardware, which is the kernel, is written mainly in C programming language but with some Assembly language. This portion is well abstracted from the portion related to the actual user-application, such that the exact same user-application source code, as used in other platforms (Windows, Linux, Android) is used. Here the hardware abstraction and the kernel source code are provided.

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Download the floppy disk image file containing the system software. To run it on your computer, first write the file into an empty USB flash drive using the instructions below, then boot (start) your computer with it.

On Ubuntu Linux OS:
  1. Go to the command line interface.
  2. Change directory to where you saved the downloaded file: rhyscitlema-system-software.img
  3. First make sure that no USB flash drive is plugged-in.
  4. Plug-in your USB flash drive. IMPORTANT: your flash drive will be FORMATED!
  5. Execute: mount to check the device name for your flash drive. It will most likely be /dev/sdb.
  6. Finally execute: sudo dd if=rhyscitlema-system-software.img of=/dev/sdb , assuming the device name is /dev/sdb.
The OS runs well on all Intel 32-bits and 64-bits computers tested on so far.


Download the kernel source code.
Need to change the downloaded file extension from _zip to .zip!