Rhyscitlema Award for CodeChef Stars Claim Form

The Rhyscitlema organisation has taken the initiative to award 80*5^S FCFA to any Cameroonian (of age 15 to 35) with an S number of stars on CodeChef, starting from S=3 stars.

Things to Note

  1. We or Us here refers to the Rhyscitlema organisation offering this award.

  2. You here refers to the person submitting a claim for the offered award.

  3. This claim form must be completed fully and saved as a single two-pages PDF file:

  4. The total cumulative amount awarded to you by us will always be equal to 80*5^S FCFA, where S is the highest number of CodeChef stars for which you have ever submitted a claim.

  5. The amount of available funds can always be seen at https://www.rhyscitlema.com/awards. When funds are limited, priority is given to the earliest claim among the claims requiring the least amount of money.

  6. Do not submit a claim when the amount of available funds is not enough to award you. You must always check this amount before you submit your claim.

  7. Payment will be made directly in FCFA without including any transfer fees. You shall inform us on which payment method and destination to use.

  8. Feel free to ask us at info@rhyscitlema.com for anything you do not understand.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You agree to act and behave within the constraints of whichever law binds you.

  2. Rhyscitlema has no obligation whatsoever to award anyone at all even if the person is fully eligible for the award. We reserve the right to award everyone else except for you, for whatever reason. As far as we are concerned, you have no obligation whatsoever to submit a claim for this award.

  3. You must be in Cameroon from the time when you submit your claim till the time when you receive your award.

  4. You will be required to provide your Cameroonian Identity Card, whose expiry date must be no later than 30 days from the day when you submit your claim.

  5. From the time when you submit your claim till the time when you receive your award, your CodeChef user profile must display your full name as shown on your Identity Card.

  6. You agree that, for haven received the award, we can mention you on our website at https://www.rhyscitlema.com/awards as one of the recipient of this award alongside all other recipients. The mention will contain the following information about the award:

  7. ALL payments are FINAL. That is, from the moment the payment destination (as given to us by you) has confirmed haven received payment, there will be no cancellation nor refund of any kind nor for any reason whatsoever, irrespective of whether you made a mistake, as well as irrespective of whether we made a mistake unless our mistake was unfavourable to you. We will never demand a refund.

  8. You will be contacted to confirm whether all the details you provided are correct and true. You may get blacklisted if any information is found to be false. Please keep both of our lives simple!

Fill the following using bold font

Full Name (as shown on your Identity Card):

Contact phone number (must start with 00237):

Contact email address:

Link to your CodeChef user profile:

Number of CodeChef stars (must be equal to that found at your CodeChef user profile):

Provide any information you wish to bring to our attention (or leave empty):

Do you understand that your claim may be rejected without any feedback?

Have you read, understood and fully agreed with the terms and conditions?

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):